Source code for dotenv_linter.violations.values

Rules about writing correct dotenv values.

By convention we do not print values to the output.
Since they might contain private values.

.. currentmodule:: dotenv_linter.violations.values

.. autoclass:: SpacedValueViolation
.. autoclass:: QuotedValueViolation


from typing import final

from dotenv_linter.violations.base import BaseFSTViolation

[docs] @final class SpacedValueViolation(BaseFSTViolation): """ Restricts to write values with trailing spaces. Reasoning: These spaces are not guaranteed to be preserved. So, it is better not to rely on them. Solution: Remove trailing spaces from the value. .. versionadded:: 0.1.0 """ code = 300 error_template = 'Found spaced value'
[docs] @final class QuotedValueViolation(BaseFSTViolation): """ Restricts to quoted values. Reasoning: Dotenv parser usually strips quotes away, so it is hard to say whether these quotes will stay on a final value, or not. Solution: Remove any quotes from the value. Example:: # Correct: KEY=1 # Wrong: KEY="1" .. versionadded:: 0.1.0 """ code = 301 error_template = 'Found quoted value'