Source code for dotenv_linter.violations.names

Rules that define how names should be defined.

.. currentmodule:: dotenv_linter.violations.names

.. autoclass:: SpacedNameViolation
.. autoclass:: IncorrectNameViolation
.. autoclass:: DuplicateNameViolation
.. autoclass:: RawNameViolation
.. autoclass:: ReservedNameViolation


from typing import final

from dotenv_linter.violations.base import BaseFSTViolation

[docs] @final class SpacedNameViolation(BaseFSTViolation): """ Restricts to use duplicate names variables. Reasoning: This spaces will be removed by the parsing mechanism, but they might cause some confusion to users. Solution: Remove leading spaces. Example:: # Correct: SOME_KEY=1 # Wrong: SOME_KEY=1 .. versionadded:: 0.1.0 """ code = 100 error_template = 'Found leading spaces: {0}'
[docs] @final class IncorrectNameViolation(BaseFSTViolation): """ Restricts to use restricted symbols to define names. Reasoning: By convention we can only use letters, numbers, and underscores to define dotenv variables. Moreover, variables can not start with numbers. Solution: Refactor your file to contain only allowed characters. Example:: # Correct: SOME_KEY=1 # Wrong: SOME-KEY=1 .. versionadded:: 0.1.0 """ code = 101 error_template = 'Found incorrect name: {0}'
[docs] @final class DuplicateNameViolation(BaseFSTViolation): """ Restricts to use duplicate names variables. Reasoning: There is no need to create duplicate variables inside your dotenv file. Since it will be implicitly overridden by the parsing mechanism. Solution: Remove one of the duplicate variables. Example:: # Correct: SOME_KEY=1 OTHER_KEY=2 # Wrong: SOME_KEY=1 SOME_KEY=2 .. versionadded:: 0.1.0 """ code = 102 error_template = 'Found duplicate name: {0}'
[docs] @final class RawNameViolation(BaseFSTViolation): """ Restricts to use raw names without equal sign or value. Reasoning: It does not make any sense to just state some names. It might also break some ``.env`` parsers. Solution: Append equal sign to it. So, this would became a declaration of an empty variable. You can also add a value if it makes sense. Example:: # Correct: KEY=1 OTHER= # Wrong: KEY .. versionadded:: 0.1.0 """ code = 103 error_template = 'Found raw name without assign: {0}'
[docs] @final class ReservedNameViolation(BaseFSTViolation): """ Restricts to use of blacklisted names. Reasoning: It does not make any sense to use such names. Solution: Change such names. Or, Add ``_`` at the end, to distinguish it from reserved ones. Example:: # Wrong: DJANGO_ENV=some_value .. versionadded:: 0.2.0 """ code = 104 error_template = 'Found reserved name: {0}'